Otoacoustic Emissions 

for large ensemble

The annual Otoacoustic Emissions on Halloween night originated in 2008 as a commission from the Sollentuna Kyrka in Sweden, a 12th century church outside of Stockholm. The music, consisting of drones on the harmonic series, was arranged for 2 organs, electronic sound, choir, fire, and masked devils. The church is surrounded by ancient graves, and the townspeople arrived on All Souls Day eve to meditate on life and death. The dynamics surge from very soft to deafeningly loud, and back down to soft again - the drones are present before the audience arrives and after they leave. Performances are around 75 min. or longer. The atmosphere is dark, candle-lit, incense-thick, and meditative.  The event has been performed annually at St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Tempe, AZ from 2009-2019.

New Times review by Ashley Naftule